What if I were to tell you that the hydrates are the best burners on the market?


What if I were to tell you that the hydrates are the best burners on the market?

Whoever deals with this story more seriously, he must never throw two things out of his head:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Adjustment

The whole essence in two words. We want constant sensitivity and we need an adaptation. This has been in our code for survival, and since we want something different, we will abuse intellectual intellect and science of the body.

Lose your β€œ I’m a cheater β€œ moral grounds, ’cause weight lifting itself is cheating so, take it easy.

Sensitivity to training – adaptation to training. Sensitivity to a particular diet – adaptation to a particular diet. There is no another constant other than constant progress (it does not have to mean growth, even the quantity of body fat is progress to some people ). It is clear to everyone that the same training and the same diet will eventually lead to a certain saturation. Personally, I don’t believe in the number of basal metabolism because the number is variable within the hour rather than in the day or even a six – week plan that your nutritionist has made on the basis of it. The body will adapt to the same training, that’s why you have an xxx model and you are lost in a fitness fashion wave. Yes, fitness fashion does exist, believe it or not. Food, let’s go back to the beginning of the post. Why do I think that the hydrates are the best burner and the worst macros? I will put it this way:

Every day you drink a liter of brandy. Do you feel 100ml after a certain time? Do not drink a drop for six months, are you drunk after 100ml? You’ve read about insulin sensitivity and everyone is striving for it and nobody wants to use it. That’s why I do not get keto as the peak of a diet, the hydrats will make such a boost after it and you will not believe what kind of body you see every morning. Have you noticed that no one mentions the duration of insulin sensitivity? Why? Because it’s a relative term.

Someone is born with it, someone has to work for half a year on it and lose it in 4.5 weeks. How can we use it? First, do not follow the fashion waves, that is, look at things objectively. The other is to evaluate in real terms your situation and choose a fashion wave after that. The same coat isn’t interesting every year. Proteins and fat are essential things, that we have concluded, but the restless child you love and hate most are hydrates. Who had learned to tame them will enjoy the body of a God. How much? Nobody knows that apart from you or a good trainer. Don’t get scared of anything that surrounds you, it’s easier to judge. Sensitivity is the goal, earn it, use it and work on it. If you want something more, of course. Besides, let’s pretend we want something more. πŸ™‚ Bye.

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