What for this? What for that?

what for this that

What for this? What for that?

A line in the middle of my chest, what to do? Bulk up your left part of chest, your right part, they collide and make so much appreciated canyon, there is no exercise for it, and at the same time all the pecs work out are for it. A short biceps – a tendon is a tendon, and a muscle is a muscle, the first can’t grow, the second can but neither can be elongated.

You look what you look, so don’t wonder, why God! Because you do not wonder why you’re wearing shoe size 45 ( 10 ) and someone 41 ( 8 ).. A short biceps, the point is find the turning point of the lever where this load will hit the muscle rather than the chord, so change the angles and you’ll have 90 positions. Fascia is also shorter in this case, so dynamic stretching is required, but slowly enter into this story so that there are no even shorter biceps. The outer head of the triceps.

If you constantly turn on the long head, there is obviously something wrong. Hard exercises make a great body, remember. A ball-shaped middle shoulder .. front page – cover models can make you feel depressed, first because they look fantastic, amazing and because they’re models, fudge it. To get back to reality, thousands and thousands of flying and suppressing, it’s all for nothing if there is no glycogen in the muscle – or carbs, in your diet. You can have the best two – dimensional shoulder but a 3D nope, not without pumping ie accumulated energy and probably salt and water.

Wide lats.

I don’t mean wide back, because those who have narrow clavicles don’t stand a chance, it’s better to focus on fixing the waist because of better contrast, good shoulders and the density of the back, because if it’s not wide it can be dense. Very dense. Lat pull downs and pull ups yes, when done properly but the pullover in order to crumble and hit the lats. When you’re done repeating you do not know what to do with your hands. Six pack. You want the six pack, yet you have a Picasso version of six pack :).

I don’t have this problem with the abdominal muscles but I see that there are plenty of people out there who do. I do not mean specifically that I don’t have this problem (and I don’t :)) but I haven’t got the picture and I don’t see anything bad in that as long as bf is low and core is done properly. Now, what does that mean, properly. Muscular and strong, not like Ronaldo but for smart work and effort to be seen.

Thousands and thousands in this muscular section and you might end up having a square shaped body because you unnecessarily widen your waist and you will not take the fat off if that’s the goal. Focus on the central part, as with each lift of the leg or the stomach you engage the side muscles in a part of the crotch. Small repetition with strong contraction. Gluteus out, like an apple. There is no bad genetics there, a muscle is a muscle and it can grow. Rewrite. Forget the Instagram, edited photos, modulated leggings because there may be or not an ass and they have to come down to the beach and then there are no 21k of followers to help you.

Look at Euro sport weightlifting competition.

Just one. All those Ukrainian and Chinese girls. Find one with a flat ass and I’ll eat an Olympic rod. You see Chinese women every day, are they genetically blessed with big butts? Analyze the movement, don’t be lazy, follow them on Instagram, and look at the training. You aren’t interested in lifting weights, me neither, but take what you need and the rest of the movement leave to them.

Quads, the force of nature, but are they? You see the people lifting weights, having small quads so the squat is particularly questionable here. Not in a not needed way but the position, posture and goal way. Do you want to be strong or make bigger quads. Wide, narrow, open, deep, contracted, half, incomplete and all that forward and in the back. Play as much as you like. Calf doesn’t interest me.

Be well, my friends.

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