Weights or powerweights?

Looking at a well-known reading material, an amateur comes to a conclusion that you can build up your chest using a 2-200kg dumbbell and the whole story gets more interesting by watching professionals doing some amazing stuff in order to get attention and sell an 8 week long training. What do you do? “The muscle doesn’t know what weight it is using”, fine, then just why not do the chest push ups? On the other hand ,”No one has ever built up lifting small weights”, fair, but then again ,”No one has ever built up lifting huge, uncontrollable weights”. There are two ways to discover what’s good for you.
  • Experiment – give each system enough time and all other elements have to be the same (you can’t test something when using drugs and and test something else when not using drugs, or when you’re on a diet or not).
  • Muscle biopsy and find out what fibers you have in your system the most (this is something that no one won’t do in this area) and you are left with number one.
Remember, your goal is your looks not your strength. You are looking at a professional doing squats in an enormous series of 100kg  and thinking I’m stronger than him..You probably don’t know that each of them is 200+kg, it’s just that training doesn’t give results or he didn’t notice that. Why not do basic exercise at the end if the strength isn’t our primal thing? Tired muscle, smaller weight, not activating assistants. A piece of advice: ask your trainer to touch your exercising muscle during performing the exercise, the touch will connect your brain and the muscle in a split second. Another advice for the trainers: ask for permission before you touch your client. Cheers!

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