Too much exercise, too much emptiness and all those Too much things

Too much exercise

Too much exercise, too much emptiness and all those Too much things

We are quite annoyed about these themes, their hints and their resolutions. You fill up glycogen if you’re empty, relax if you’re overtrained and that’s it. Now, something I haven’t rencountered anywhere but I have concluded myself, you’ll be the judge of that.

I will give you life examples of the body reaction which you can make a parallel with. You get a sunburn and you heal but every time you go out in the Sun after that, you have a problem. You had a shellfish poisoning and you could never even smell them, let alone eat. You got frostbite on your hands and you could no longer pull the sauerkraut out from the barrel. There you have it. Why, you ask?

First, our body has learned how much of a rascal can our head be and makes a true self-defense system that is totally in place. Could it be useless or can we feel the signs of the problem and fake indications, because, why not eat the shellfish again if you love them so much?

Mild hypo is a normal occurrence after loading and returning to lower intake of hydrates. Also, after the deload, your lower part of the back might be a bit sore, the elbows crackling, those are only self-defending actions of your body because it has already burned out and doesn’t want to get into the stage of collapse (note if 100% is recovered).

We have already learned the problems: insomnia, decrease in strength, depression, now we have learned and fake indications that need to be ignored and “explain” it to the body that we will no longer treat ourselves as trash. Yes, we can do it quite well.



You get out of your warm nest out on the terrace, inhale a cubic of polluted air, brush your teeth with toothpaste, make your favorite farm eggs, go to work, put some gasoline in your car, work with colored papers, look into the display, inhale freon from the air conditioner, eat a concentrate eating chicken or a beef filled with antibiotics, then have an artificially made broccoli, a pack of cigarettes, you talk on the phone and drink water all day, which has come to you through asbestos tubes. Are you still frustrated by two artificial sweeteners in your coffee?

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