The cheating meal

Use and misuse

What most people keeps on their diets is the famous, once a week,  happy meal.

I’m gonna talk about a few facts which will explain the previous mentioned meal.

What does that day represent to the body?

Most people might think, that is the day when they can eat everything they have been craving for an entire week, and that’s a big mistake. Because, a meal is not a meal anymore, but it turns out into a whole day of overeating.

A meal should consist only of carbs in order to fuel glycogen reserves in the muscles.

Exhausted body won’t make a difference between free and complex carbs in the first two hours so that’s an ideal moment for sweets cravings. And here comes a new trap, because glucose goes up and then abruptly goes down and you can’t control the need for food.

The cheating meal

So, two normal meals between 100-150gr of carbs will give your body what it needs, satiety, freshness, hormonal balance, all that without an ounce of fat. Personal recommendation is fruit (apart from bananas and grapes) ’cause you are getting a lot of antioxidants as well. Your body doesn’t know which day is it so someone needs it after 5 days, someone after 10, it’s a subjective feeling.

Everyone who thinks it gets easier, thinks wrong because they have to go through all dieting again. And that’s the whole point.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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  1. I start working out about one year a go. After six months I was not even close happy with progress that I made, but after I get my meal plan results starts to show…even my abs start emerge. Gladly recomend it realy works for me.

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