Essential teachers

Who among you has got a great grandfather also has the opportunity to do the analysis of his life, or I can do it for you. 80+ years, whole life of physical work, smoking, sometimes drinking and what we are interested in is: breakfast at 6, lunch at 12, dinner at 6 ( during summer at 7 ).

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Leg workout

Why is it pushed aside, true story? In a superficial way, the "your legs go under the table"story, or they are not out there, or I cannot find the pants that fit. No one will dig deeper into the essence of the problem.

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Cardio timing

I'll make a throwback and list the worst moments: match it with strength work out. If done before the training (walking is wanted because of the warming up and lifting the temperature) only discharge of glycogen depots and the loss of the pump at the work out.

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Global fitness thinking

Let's move on with the smashing of global – fitness – thinking. Why is something natural labeled as healthy? What has come from the nature can't be bad but no one thinks about whether the nature has given us those things so we could just eat them.

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What for this? What for that?

A line in the middle of my chest, what to do? Bulk up your left part of chest, your right part, they collide and make so much appreciated canyon, there is no exercise for it, and at the same time all the pecs work out are for it. A short biceps - a tendon is a tendon, and a muscle is a muscle, the first can't grow, the second can but neither can be elongated.

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Anabolic window

If you do your part right, then a whole day is your anabolic window, not just half an hour after the workout. “ Better amino acids absorption, more glucose, because our glycogen stocks are empty and fibers broken because of the weight – lifting training”.

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Quality vs quantity

Our progress is defined by quantity through life : of our job, money, holiday, women and God knows what but our imaginary goal is always more. It's not, “ I need more quality at work, more quality rest “, it's just quantity.

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1% that we always miss

Instead of happiness, people's problem is that they are pointed on the focus and overloading their self with trivial things. Somehow, everyone walks for a that 1% which will make a crucial change in physical appearance and life in general. The wandering ignores the other 99% and that cause a problem.

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