Camel’s nose

We've got sugar substitute, juice and whey in all possible flavors but it's not enough and now we have no carbs pancakes, all syrups and creams with 0 calories, chips and pasta. Pure attack on your weaknesses under “it's allowed” slogan. Is it, really?

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Glucose dropping

Glucose dropping ,,My blood sugar is low'' a sentence used one too many times as an excuse for eating sweets. Do you know anyone who fainted and not suffering from diabetes? Me, neither. Felt it a few times in life and it was my fault.

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How it all began..

Thinking about how to enlarge their wealth, the food industry world leaders have come up with a brilliant idea. Protein-expensive raw material, with no taste, makes you feel full- make it look bad worldwide. Fat -semi-expensive raw material, makes you feel full, it's also a home-made product – make it look bad worldwide via marketing.

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