Full stomach as a synonym of happiness

And you see my obsession with the oscillations in the diet, the regime and the jumps into the welfare of the carbs. Through the years and body reactions, all body types reactions, I was intrigued and sought answers, from animals to the function of pancreas in the body. Murals of a modern man on the wall are 20 - 40000 years old. It's physically the same thing as we are.

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The first definition of desire: I want to do it, and then do some changes, in aim to turn the desire into reality. I'll give you banal examples: It is cold-I'm wearing a jacket. I have tooth’s pain, go to dentist to fix it. You wanted to be warmer, you wanted to stop the pain.

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Essential teachers

Who among you has got a great grandfather also has the opportunity to do the analysis of his life, or I can do it for you. 80+ years, whole life of physical work, smoking, sometimes drinking and what we are interested in is: breakfast at 6, lunch at 12, dinner at 6 ( during summer at 7 ).

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Plate full of numbers

I have one disgusting habit which most of you readers probably have. A plate full of numbers. I'm not from those fanatics that count every gram, but I see the numbers again even if I didn't eat it, even if I eat it, because in the second case I feel guilty. That's why fitting has never been easy for me, who cares about the studies if the blockage in the brain exists.

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Cheat days

Cheat days. Turning point in pictures. Day 1 You've decided to relax, earned it, during holidays, just for a day or two and you'll be back on track. Everything you have wanted for months now, is in front of you, you are eating, enjoying the flavors, serotonin is hitting, you're in heaven and slightly intoxicated.

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Cardio timing

I'll make a throwback and list the worst moments: match it with strength work out. If done before the training (walking is wanted because of the warming up and lifting the temperature) only discharge of glycogen depots and the loss of the pump at the work out.

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Global fitness thinking

Let's move on with the smashing of global – fitness – thinking. Why is something natural labeled as healthy? What has come from the nature can't be bad but no one thinks about whether the nature has given us those things so we could just eat them.

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7 reasons why you are fat and on a diet your whole life

I’m not yelling, no, it’s just a pompous title like in “Men’s health” or “Woman or something like that”. You are not on a diet, you’re just in this trip and you are convincing yourself. No plan, nor the beginning or ending. Something like, listening only to Madonna until Djani starts singing.

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Invisible fat

Sounds interesting, but nothing more than the fat we've taken off or have we? You lost 5 to 10 kg , neverending happiness, but there is no breakthrough because you're on the thinnest ice in your fitness journey. "There is nothing worse than the previous state."

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