Plate full of numbers

I have one disgusting habit which most of you readers probably have. A plate full of numbers. I'm not from those fanatics that count every gram, but I see the numbers again even if I didn't eat it, even if I eat it, because in the second case I feel guilty. That's why fitting has never been easy for me, who cares about the studies if the blockage in the brain exists.

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Cheat days

Cheat days. Turning point in pictures. Day 1 You've decided to relax, earned it, during holidays, just for a day or two and you'll be back on track. Everything you have wanted for months now, is in front of you, you are eating, enjoying the flavors, serotonin is hitting, you're in heaven and slightly intoxicated.

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Diet revolution and money evolution

I've recently traded 2kg ( 4 pounds ) of venison for five bulbs and you couldn't imagine my joy because of the victory over the paper. Give me this to give you that. The world does not work like that, and valuable paper, in the form of infection, increases their number, more and more.

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I took one and ended up eating ten

And then we're like, why did I do it, it's me, I have no limits, I should have stopped at the first one. Let's explain a little bit and try to get rid of your feelings of guilt, or rather let's pin it to others. None of us is a pig, but a simple man.

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Anabolic window

If you do your part right, then a whole day is your anabolic window, not just half an hour after the workout. “ Better amino acids absorption, more glucose, because our glycogen stocks are empty and fibers broken because of the weight – lifting training”.

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Problems made during nutrition changes

There is none. Period. Period and exclamation mark! Why always frown upon something good in your life? Injury because of your diet. Stomach virus caused by your diet. Immune system drop on account of diet. Insomnia because of diet.

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Groceries pH values

Our pH values always oscillate and our diet cannot change that, if we had a base environment inside our stomach we wouldn't be around much so, acid environment has its cause. Pay more attention to your everyday emotions because new studies show that a happy animal is a better texture animal than a captured animal, no matter how morbid it sounds.

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The essence of the void

A diet consisted of protein and fat. You have red enough about nutrient relations, what are ups and downs but no one is talks about an empty stomach. The diet itself cannot cause hunger because you do not irritate the insulin because of the lack of carbs.

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