Hardgainers or I cannot get fat and I eat everything

You have probably heard the advice "eat everything and eat as much as possible" for a thousand times, which probably didn't bring you anything good because the scale didn't change and there weren't any muscles. The advice is somewhat correct, it only requires a different schedule.

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The essence of the void

A diet consisted of protein and fat. You have red enough about nutrient relations, what are ups and downs but no one is talks about an empty stomach. The diet itself cannot cause hunger because you do not irritate the insulin because of the lack of carbs.

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Euphoria and mania of checking of diet

You spared you money during 10 years in aim to invest in private job. If I suggest you to invest in your business which will refunds you all invested money for 5 years, you will say “perfect”. What if I suggest to you instead that all you invest will be back for 2 years you will say: “ah, that is fairy tale”.

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Diet plan

Diet plan Once I tell people the diet plan I often see some kind of disappointment. Expectations like: 7 peas at 13:49 and 2 strawberries at 16:59 are torn down.…

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