Based on a 2 000 calorie diet

Based on a 2 000 calorie diet. You've seen this sentence whether it was on a label of a supplement or a product box. So, 20% of your daily values is enough for 20% of your daily intake of calories which means that 400 calories have got a 100 gr of product as long as it's 20%.

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Over estimated and under estimated of glycogen depos

G depo around 700gr in liver and in the musles, it gives us volume, on the diet – empty-full. How much we need for compensation, in the same time avoiding that the rest of the carbo storage in the fat, the God knows, and we consider that every of us keeps God in ourselves, then we know it only for each of us separately.

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A calorie is a calorie

We are witnesses of a modern day nutrition where, a choice of macro nutrients (carbs, fat) is irrelevant for a source of energy. Can I lose weight if I eat Nutella? Of course. Can I gain weight if I eat almond? Of course. Because... a calorie is a calorie and as long I'm in a deficit I'm gonna lose weight. Correct.

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