The only muscle desirable at both sexes and it made me write. What does the butt represent to us, what has represented and what it shows us. Female - You are also familiar with cave paintings of curvy women in all cultures as a symbol of fertility, the so-called plumpness, health, a certain specimen to carry on the human kind, the goal of every and each species, a cellular cell division in ideal conditions, etc., etc.

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Narrow waist

The question you need to ask your mother about what she saw in your father and not the coach. :). It's more realistic to have biceps like Schwarzenegger or gluteus like Yarishna than to narrow the waist down because it's an impossible mission, genetics has spoken and this is the only region where hard work will only be counterproductive.

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Over estimated and under estimated of glycogen depos

G depo around 700gr in liver and in the musles, it gives us volume, on the diet – empty-full. How much we need for compensation, in the same time avoiding that the rest of the carbo storage in the fat, the God knows, and we consider that every of us keeps God in ourselves, then we know it only for each of us separately.

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