Sugar free-apetite free?

sugar free

Sugar free-apetite free?

Coca-cola without sugar, sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free bread, sugar-free sugar and we are all getting fatter and fatter . The goal was to make it easier for people to be on a diet. False. The goal was to make it easier for a man to go on a diet, to create a facade, a false image, the trend and of course to make some money. Something like putting a brand new expensive tires on an old car.

There are no lies when it comes to your body, if you are hungry, you require calories. Calories are associated with sweets or snacks in our head ( I’ve never heard someone saying “I’m gonna drink 2l of coca-cola or eat a kilo of broccoli” ). Earning on other people’s weaknesses. Again. If we lived in the 19th century, worst case scenario, we would control famine by using cornbread.

We will also have a jump of insulin and not a great source of carbo – hydrates, but the point is in the amount and the brain’s response to the volume of the stomach. 300gr of chocolate is 1500kcal, 300gr of corn bread (impossible to eat) 750kcal. I don’t mention any physical activity here. Far from being an opponent of artificial sweeteners, but the problem should be solved from the beginning, you do not put the PVC carpentry on a shed.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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