Sugar as drugs

sugar as drugs

Sugar as drugs

We got a video by Mr Palumbo with an excellent explanation of the benefits of a keto diet, in fact, it’s great for a bit more serious exercisers, competitors, but totally illogical for the world. Who knows me ( I don’t have the proof of that ) I made a similar comparison, maybe I wrote about it, I do not remember if I did, about my friend, a former addict. So consider how many clinics have been made, how many systems, books, ways, lost lives, artists, how much struggle in order to get off drugs.

My friend got off by buying a dose of heroin, tossed it on the way home and went home. He did it 22 years ago. He threw it away and crashed the entire system I’ve listed above. How did he do it? That was my question for him. TAUGHT and RAISED as the biggest trap of my growing up. I just threw it away and left, he said. Now I’m getting back to the beginning and our fitness, ( I don’t know how to call them any more ) good – looking body interests.


The physical crisis, says Mr Palumbo, from getting off the sugar (hydrate) is the same as getting off narcotics in 72h, I thought it was 48 hours, but it is important that after that time, the brain does not want the sugar or the satisfaction that provides opium. And that’s how the story ends, we don’t have the desire and problem solved. Now, who am I to stand against someone as Dave Palumbo and ask what the sugar cravings have to do with the remembering of the input of it? According to his logic and my explanation why is so, here it is.

We don’t have any sugar for three days and we never again have the desire for it. Therefore, for three days we don’t take any narcotics and we are cured? You wanted the intelligence, enjoy.
How many of you haven’t had sex for three days in a row? And after those three days you have never done it again? Solving problems on the physiological side is nevertheless possible only for animals. Once again, I’m talking about our dominance or submission, but such statements don’t fly.

Remembering something that is good for the brain is solved in two ways: 1. Animal (click-clack) the case of my friend 2. the same brain that brings us to the personal benefit, self-sufficiency and well-being of our shell. Case no. 1, training and control, case No. 2. a pet, a toy in your hand, colorful things and top of the pyramid. The text is for the people who are interested in or think they are interested in the functioning of the body, where the brain is in charge, not the white meat and broccoli, weighing, tasting, losing and winning. Besides, the beasties won’t read my writings.

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