Stomach, the other brain


Stomach, the other brain

Can we affect the nerves and all the problems caused by cheating your diet? Of course! Let’s see.

Depression and nerves, even though totally opposite psychological conditions, have a strong impact on stomach, which also has a strong impact on the brain and we are stuck with perpetuum mobile ( perpetual motion ) of problems. Did you know about helicobacter pylori 10 years ago? Do you know how much it costs helicobacter treatment which, by the way, we all have 🙂 ?

Gastric acid was treated with sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ) in the ’90s and nowadays is all about taking medicine and drugs. In only 15 years time. The drugs are 3 kinds of antibiotics and ( here gets interesting ) a drug that protects the gastric membrane from all those drugs whose task is to cure the stomach.

Do you know how much the sales of stomach medicine has gone up in the last 5 years? Lifestyle, yeah..

Blood pressure has got a new normal reading, up to 140/85
Pulse up to 80
Even though 120/80 reading was normal before
Pulse 60
So our grandchildren are going to have a normal pressure reading
Pulse 110

A plastic bag instead of stomach?
Our heart is the same, our stomach is the same, what’s changed?
Global hunger and faith in “the authorities”

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