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I want you to start the system. WC standard rituals, I started the body after another urinating, made a flow. Water. Coffee arisesme, it may irritate my nerves, but it dehydrated my body and returns to the previous condition. I adore coffee and that means more water to add, lemon, vitamin C.I started my self, common – going food, my body functions as I ate yesterday and not now, the nutrients fragmented flow through me , I eat to keep the flow and not return to the sleepy state. So, protein and fat may be fruit if it’s seasonal. Water.

Detoxification does not exist because it is a continuous process that has been named for profit. And it’s not the toxic in current time, because we have kidneys and liver always, like all animals. Less poisoning, more water, more antioxidants, more oxygen in the blood, more blood circulation, less acidity of the body.

The obligations, non-productivity, the proletariat, it does not exist, because those 30 years have led us where we are now. I do not do anything and get salaries, I m spending my holiday to the seaside and I receive the salary .. bite the job for the head otherwise it is compressed in the spring and no one will be for you.

Un-satisfaction is the state of mind, and the state of mind is a virus very susceptible to grouping in our territory. A distorted form of communion, a competition in whoever screwed up. That: NOTwipe the single thought, simple click, but the un-satisfaction of the comfort is “it’s good and it’s okay” ok, but then it’s a pleasure. Ignore.

Lunch, you throw out the bunch of work, pride, food protein, fat, hydrates, fibers, and that’s why it is lunch. You do not rape the body because you have a backpack. Water keeps flowing. It does not nap, you’re not tired, you’re bored,  again the state of mind.

Ignore it keep the blood sugar level stable and there’s no feedback, no oscillations have no irritability.

Your time, what makes you happy, smile is not a proof of happiness, watch the ceiling if you like it. Water keeps flowing. The dinner, tomorrow’s wakening up, remember. Energy and  building material without jumps of hormones, proteins, fats and fibers, calms the body, without sugar, without sodium and swelling, preparation for tomorrow’s attack. Evolution seems better than yesterday, but we glossed over something so that we augmented.


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