Season doubting


Season doubting

Let’s start from spring, question mark. Can I eat: cherries, strawberries, blackberries, melon, watermelon, apricot, bake chestnut, sauerkraut and other pickled stuff.

That sums up the whole year. My question. Do you really think that the two – week period of waiting these things to ripen is going to affect your diet plan and your change of looks? Bloody chestnut, it made me fat!

Huh? If you are so careful about your carbs input ( stomach veins of course ) then go to nutrition data and look for the carbs of specific groceries and downsize it for the amount of rice, potatoes or cereals for that day.


So, total amount of carbs for the day, minus season magic, plus the base which leaves whole – year carbs. It will take you less time to do all that than to read all of this.

Note: this does not apply for cheat meals because that would mean fitting macros and we do not support that.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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