The real you

Let’s imagine something, not to dream, but imagining because we are workers and not dreamers. Its body of muscles and bones, its real body, non-fatty, functionallyred on the same way as ic. The layer overit is blue. Something like a predator kecwhen looking at the Indian and that scorpion and that means andthat it lights up red it’s our body and the blue layer over is that high (fat)

Let me explain the war division.

The food we eat is needed for the red part

Food that does not, blue

The training we practice is needed for the red part not for blue

We rest the red part

So all three life deals affect to the red part and we see only blue :).

The whole philosophy of the disappearance of the blue part, and the blue part is in every aspect of the negativity.

The blue part will never become red, or red to become blue, but only red can save this fucking stubborn layer over.

Why is it that our insignificant coat causes so much trouble?

Because everyone is paying attention to this coat, not to red, to the life, an essence, your real body-You.

Let’s get started.

  1. Most of us pay attention and focus on foods that do not need to get into you because of the blue part. “It will fat me up”, irregular nutrition, calcium deficiency, fitting, etc., and we do not pay attention on in taking the correct macros for the normal functioning of the red part. Red becomes brighter until it gets yellow and then you are zombie, as so weak and covered with a layer. Direct impact on No. 2
  2. Training – again targeting blue part (burnt) and it is imaginary and undefined, while redness is quite determined and measurable (power, pump, durability). Cardio, small weights are low consumption, not the disappearance of the blue part. Cardio melts I agree with the pulse 130 and now imagine thatis better for the melting the blood flowing through the veins during the pulse 130 (soon the body used to it and a decrease in the pulse itself and consumption) or a contraction under the burden of oscillations into the pulse, pump, circulation in microcapsillers, amino acid delivery to the most disturbed muscle cells, waking, activation of more meat for training, even higher consumption, the body is increasingly redder and redder. Burn it all. If I have the necessary macros, as I have already said.
  3. A break, i.e. a tiredness because of a blue coat. Trainings are longer and longer because the Ethiopian from the Olympics does not have fat, so I will, constant tiredness, insomnia, badappetite, injection of cortisol, you get hungry, do  massacre of a bakery, you hate yourself, you can not fall a sleep again, you return the debt because of last night’s with massacre of two hours of cardio.
  4. Red is in fashion again

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