Quality vs quantity


Quality vs quantity

Our progress is defined by quantity through life : of our job, money, holiday, women and God knows what but our imaginary goal is always more. It’s not, “ I need more quality at work, more quality rest “, it’s just quantity. We transfer that feeling into our training, of course.

How to define progress in training evolution? By weight or quantity, how else?

Those 80kg on squats ( and bench of course ) you want to do as soon as possible even though you can do them by repeating for 3 seconds, or 10 or 50 and doing jumps with them. No one wants the same numbers and you can make a 1001 dimension without making any progress.

There are over 20 ways of lateral raises if we include wrist rotation that’s 10 more, how many in total? 20 times 10? Plus 5 – 50 repetitions? There goes a billion. 🙂 And you are still doing lateral raises using 5kg dumbbell and me? I’m doing 20kg, loser. 😛 Right, you don’t have the number to define the progress and that confuses you. You have the number of kilograms on the bench vs a three – dimensional picture of yourself. Which do you trust more?

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