Plate full of numbers

Plate full of numbers

Plate full of numbers 

I have one disgusting habit which most of you readers probably have. A plate full of numbers. I’m not from those fanatics that count every gram, but I see the numbers again even if I didn’t eat it, even if I eat it, because in the second case I feel guilty. That’s why fitting has never been easy for me, who cares about the studies if the blockage in the brain exists.

Objectively speaking, you will get fat by eating things you think make you fat. Thoughts are the brain chemistry, still poorly tested, but the impact on it is sufficiently tested. Have you ever heard someone saying ” I’m fed up with the chicken “?

Continuously repeated action led to saturation, it’s normal. I have a suggestion. Every day, we should eat Nutella, and after a certain time, we will be sick of it and we have got rid of one bittersweet treat? See the adjective above. Sweet.

The same brain told us that something was sweet, that is, it affected the secretion of the hormone of happiness. Why is the sugar going up associated with happiness? Is it in our code, like creating the need for antioxidant intake through the fruit? Of course, a man wouldn’t be a man if he wouldn’t fuck up something. The mongoos eat snakes, so we will get the mongoos and mongoose eat all the snakes and lizards and everything that moves … And maybe it’s all made to strengthen mentally and be more dominant.

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