The personage


The personage

We’ve already concluded that the nature of being was built and upgraded through the years, now we are talking about the true character, since I see that many people have a little distorted perception.

I am a passionate smoker but I have a strong character not to smoke two months per year. Does it sound logical? Of course not, the character is to reduce the number of cigarettes all around year .

Going to a wedding and eating a salad all day or running at the strongest rain is not the epitome of your strong psyche, it is acting an victim and self-punishment.

Let’s look on the things objectively, we do not have a goal, we want to feel comfortable and look nice.

If there is no goal, then it represents an endless struggle? It does not represent infinite enjoyment.

Persistence, not contrariness, slightly, calm with a smile on your face 🙂

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