Narrow waist


Narrow waist

The question you need to ask your mother about what she saw in your father and not the coach. :). It’s more realistic to have biceps like Schwarzenegger or gluteus like Yarishna than to narrow the waist down because it’s an impossible mission, genetics has spoken and this is the only region where hard work will only be counterproductive.

Obviously, having a stronger belly means it’s easy to add flesh/fat to that region because God, aliens, or someone else made you for this kind of muscularity. Not to be whiny, here’s a few solutions. Of course, it means a totally schredded body fatt because 10cm less in waist size make a huge difference visually.

Broaden the back as much as possible to create the contrast to the smaller waist. Wide pull – ups, lats in all shapes. Fill the balls on the shoulders, again the contrast and the entire frame. Delt fly and low row. The schredded thighs also have a much better look. Not forcing abdominal contractions, lateral abdominal ( the best example for this look are footballers with a stocky built ).

Breathing from the lungs not from the stomach, keep the back straight, chest out, but not “Look at me”posture, just be normal. Overeating, gases and dehydration also make you look six month pregnant. Introduce only a little bit of reality into your life and it will be much easier. As a mesomorph you cannot expect to have the waist of an ectomorph and back of a mesomorph. Michael Jackson build type.Bye.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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