Matching physical appearance and being physically ready

physical appearance

Matching physical appearance and being physically ready

Two different worlds are usually imposed as inseparable. Why it’s physically ready to look worse and physically nice to have less readiness. Three reasons: the type of muscle fibers, the amount of oxygen that requires muscle and diet. A man who is ready can not look bad, but the rating parameters have grown a bit by the influence of movies and propaganda individuals.

And so you’re looking at a favorite hero running with 40kg on his shoulders, jumping, swimming, moving cars with bare hands, and in all those muscles, abs and shoulders pumped up. He is just posing, the stuntman is doing all the work. Have you noticed that when Arnold runs 20m, it looks like he is walking on eggs. Also, the movie 300. Imagine the actors weighed 75kg and without visual muscles, but physically ready, would the film have such an audience?

More muscles require more oxygen in other words more flesh on the body can harm a person whose goal is endurance (the average weight of the Olympian is less than 80kg). Is it possible to find a balance? Of course, you just have to re-examine yourself first, because if the goal is endurance and, at the same time, reducing the nutrients and calories in general in order to be like men in Sparta, it is very likely that you will end up like a popped out balloon. I know people who are beasts in fitness readiness, but their body does not show it because their diet is completely irrelevant to them, which is completely ok.

They love what they do and don’t have any desire to weigh meat or rice. You could say how crossfitters found a balance? I agree and those who know how eat properly can look great, but not like from the magazine. On the other hand, they will not hire an average looking person for advertising purposes, since today an average looking person doesn’t even sell an insurance policy . The goal of the text was to help in making decisions for what you want without going back and forward and losing time, you know how to put on flesh and know how to be fitness ready. And yes, an alien always exists. Bye.

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