Let’s make it simple. Fat = accumulated energy

accumulated energy

Let’s make it simple
Fat = accumulated energy

Energy is life so why is our case fat the only undesirable energy? Written in our code, like a sorceress book, a man gains weight, I respect that, he has a reason to accumulate energy because he is going to need it. So, the body supports your decision and follows the sequence of events because it predicts a physically and psychologically demanding period. We have two problems, there is no problematic period ( winter, drought, heat, migration ) ahead of us, and the other body feedback is that we don’t need an energy store and now the problem is the quantity.

The problems are related because both require a calorie deficit or a reduction in food, which, in the first case is easily understood by the body, but not in the other. The other thing is to make the fat go away or why am I not losing weight when I’ve cut down on food. From the inner point of view, you’ve taken extreme measures of your preservation, added fat deposits, slowed down, prepared for the previous mentioned period and then you say, I was joking, I didn’t need it. You wouldn’t go that far if you weren’t sure, so the reaction of the body is to wait for a little. Maybe the autumn is warm, so it seems there is no winter.

The body doesn’t know that you enjoy eating nor ask questions, it’s just following your decisions because you have an instinct plus consciousness :). It doesn’t know about misuse of consciousness, isn’t aware of the bad things, only of mechanical problems ( injuries, diseases ) which starts to solve in milliseconds. In other words, there is no bad and good in your body, but only the purity of positive. You can be the greatest criminal of the 21st century, a usual cut and thrombocytes close the wound. That’s why there is a sentence that God is in each of us in every religion.

There is no influence on that purity. Obesity isn’t a mechanical defect. Even diabetes is the regulation of extreme gaining weight. Intelligence distinguishes us and we have even calculated the energy consumption according to the movement, in other words we send the energy because it is indestructible. Believe it or not, through the lungs into the air. Not on the sweat .. we have a solution, a movement. Further. Energy flow. The accumulation lake, for example, has an inflow and outflow. You regulate the amount of accumulation with the energy. No extremes, no closing of the entrance, no mining of the dam. You have an entrance, you have an exit, therefore, you have to eat. And move. It’s not noticeable so that the body would not raise an alert. I said, make it simple.

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