Leg workout

leg workout

Leg workout

Why is it pushed aside, true story? In a superficial way, the “your legs go under the table”story, or they are not out there, or I cannot find the pants that fit. No one will dig deeper into the essence of the problem. Apart of the benefit from general body strengthening, posture, combustion, boosting hormones, let’s get even deeper. What is in depth other than pain as is lava in the epicentre of the Earth. Why are we afraid of this pain and we are able to burst our shoulder into tears?

It’s clear to everyone that physical pain will never even come close to the mental pain that can destroy you in milliseconds, something like, he died of sorrow or drank himself into oblivion. First, we hurt appliances that deny us the essential action of walking or running, which was important in the past. It sounds funny but it’s true. Second, you have a load that pushes you and you don’t have where to go but up or down (does this remind you of life?).

Physical pain

Thirdly, I think that the only self-inducing physical pain, which can in some cases be psychic, is training your legs, specifically squats. No one likes psychic pain because it is unpredictable and sudden, so why go to that limit by training, why go into the madness? It is not a question of strength nor the beauty of muscles, the question is tolerance to pain.

Can a squat make our life easier? Why do you have this feeling of warmth after a good leg workout and you enjoy it, even if the muscles scream out of pain? Because it’s all over, as if you heard that you passed the exam. The weight isn’t important, for someone it is 40kg, for others it’s 400kg, it’s the light after the darkness that matters and after each training it is shining more and brighter.

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  1. Thank you, i just broke my foot and this is very helpful for this since i play football and basketball.

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