Invisible fat

invisible fat

Invisible fat

Sounds interesting, but nothing more than the fat we’ve taken off or have we? You lost 5 to 10 kg , neverending happiness, but there is no breakthrough because you’re on the thinnest ice in your fitness journey. “There is nothing worse than the previous state.”

There is. You can easily gain weight again and you will be mentally ruined and see yourself as a loser. Yo-yo effect, that’s what they call it, but the fact is that whenever I throw a yoyo I never got it back here just there. One redneck was great at it, but that’s irrelevant now. Why is this happening when we’ve gone through so much trouble?

The very word of torment is also related to the body and it wants to have no trouble and return everything to its original position. Fat cells are emptied and they only wait for calorie intake to return into their pre-existing state.

Why does the body work against us if we wish it only well?
Because we did bad things, it changed the parameters in order to function and now it sees good as bad. Two minuses give a plus. I’ll explain some more. You dislocate your shoulder and don’t fix it, you live with it for 3 months, then you fix it and you think everything will be the same like before or you will die of pain? The body follows where you lead, whether it’s in the fire or in the water, just make up your mind, please.

And that’s not all. When you decide to respect your decision, it will be fine because the word “I have decided” isn’t enough, it’s the consequences that count. So when you see yourself become thinner, imagine yourself with your old waistline, because that would be a more realistic picture, believe me. By the time you say this, I am the new self. When will it be? The body will tell you, don’t worry.

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