I woke up with 30, 40, 50 kg more

(What would I do)

First of all, I am glad that I have finally opened my eyes, I am not sad, on the contrary. I am a human being and want to make progress, I want to be educated and learn something new. Life is at stake. My body is illiterate and I’m going to make it literate.

So, what would I do to make a Dr or a MHS of myself? I’m gonna learn to speak. I’m gonna start to walk, nothing much, just letter by letter, once, twice a week, as I please, I’m going to walk, for a month, maybe two. I’ve learned all the letters and I will make sentences, I’ll go for a walk three or four times a week. I’ve learned the language, woken up well, restored the circulation and taught my heart to rest and work.

Maths is the next step. No fractions, functions, only numbers. I’m going to kick anything I don’t like out of my diet. Slowly, in the beginning two or three times a week of “no, thank you”. And during that time I’ll speak the language while I’m learning mathematics. I’m getting there more seriously. “No thank you” becomes “no thanks, I don’t eat that”, the numbers are changing, the equations come,


I begin to divide, to sum, to subtract macros and playing with my new education. I’ve been speaking and I can calculate very good for a couple of months now. I want more. I’m human and it’s in my nature. I’m going to the gym, explaining my education and they will teach me even more. It’s all too complicated, so I’ll rest my brain but renew the material. I’m ready to move on and I’m going to study. Every movement, every breath, every spasm, every macro.

For months. I accelerate the operation time, I start routinely to perform tasks. I learn a new language, I run, I starve, I push, I pull, I fly, I laugh, and I was born crying. I’ve educated my body, I have become a scientist with no mistake theories. I’m gloating and enjoying because I’ve studied and worked for a year. One year. One of 60, 70, 80. I’m looking at the master in the mirror and I can’t believe how fast and interesting it was. And I could have done it by cheating, in a month, but I would forget something when they ask me, so I would have to go back every year. And again and again and again.

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  1. This text inspired me!!! After this recomandation, I lost 10 kg!!! Very satisfied with this result. Thank you!

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