I took one and ended up eating ten

eating too much

I took one and ended up eating ten

And then we’re like, why did I do it, it’s me, I have no limits, I should have stopped at the first one. Let’s explain a little bit and try to get rid of your feelings of guilt, or rather let’s pin it to others. None of us is a pig, but a simple man. I do not think of weakness itself but a man as a species. You were on a certain diet some time ago, and before that, you ate everything, and now you have all worked out, everything is ok, you’re feeling better, noticing the first results, and you could try a piece of chocolate.

Next thing you know, a 300gr chocolate is gone. The goal is to regulate body weight so that you can fit into skinny jeans or a new dress. The brain, however, has a different perception and looks at things like this. For over a month you’ve been very physically active, eating fish and meat, there is no indication that this will stop soon, wow!

Look at this fast energy mode, I will need it for later since I don’t get enough calories, I want to control the hormones (insulin, ghrelin), the state of chaos and absorb as much as you can. That is why one piece is converted into ten. While as a species we are progressing fast, the information in the brain that has been tuned for thousands of years, it can’t be erased in 50 years of free sugar breakthrough (a fast source of energy).

Eating too much

The brain wants to survive. Now, you’ll ask me how the brain doesn’t see that the body is fat? Well, we just close its eyes? Average weight training, extreme load for muscles, tons and tons of load, being on diets, contemporary life. A chubbier person experiences a shipwreck, because, do you think it’s realistic that the person doesn’t have the appetite for a banana tree after three days of wandering around? The brain is thinking, this fatty doesn’t need bananas now, let’s wait for the next round. The goal is the survival, and the problem is in the artificially made survival mode. And in the easy access of fast energy sources.

A bear would enjoy eating a kilo of chocolate, but it is hard to find and if the bear did find it would be once in three months .. Is it possible to find a thousand euros on the street? Of course, you find it every day on the street, is it possible? This is a parallel to the access of easy money – a quick source of energy. What is the solution? First and foremost, do not bring yourself into Robinson Crusoe’s state. Second, do not try a single piece until the time comes. The impulse for enjoyment has stayed in our brain from the previous diet, and what makes us to give in, it’s the consciousness, the art of taste of chocolate that other species do not have. Personally, I think it’s the problem of an extreme advancement of intelligence, but we are going to solve it in a few millenniums. I rest my case.

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