How to lose weight

lose weight

How to lose weight

Let’s do it this way. So far, you’ve seen my enthusiasm with human organisms, ie all organisms, with the simple solution of the most complex equations and states, inexplicable in many cases or explaining unrealistic (scientific) views. They call them miracle, in the nation more commonly known as wonder, but we will stick to those basic explanations.

First of all I would like to say that your logic has been destroyed. Mine too. I admit it. But at least I’m aware that it exists, which is one step forward. Destroyed because it’s simply unprofitable and unprofitable because one paper is more valuable than a man. I gave a piece of paper ( a banknote ) to a handyman yesterday, who was working on his knees all day and had a disgusting feeling because of that, hence I’m a bit overwhelmed, so don’t mind me.

Destroying logic is simple and, in a nutshell, I’ll describe it like this, I’m standing in the meadow, I spin you 20 times, then I let you go. You’re stumbling when I tell you, “don’t go there, bro” I take your hand and say “go here,” and you’re going there, right? Yeah. Scared because of the disturbed balance center so you turn on your confidence mode. 🙂 See, how simple is that. Now, globalize it, obsess about it, monopolize. In political, religious, rational, health – and, at the end, life way. I’ve become chatty, here’s about our thing. You were pricked by a thorn, your body was inflamed and threw out the thorn. A pregnant woman experienced a shipwreck, she delivered a newborn on a desert island alone. Your blood sugar drops low, turning the brain off, you oversleep, pulling glycogen out from the biceps wtf you wake up with a stable sugar.

The body wants to live

The body wants to live, as comfortably as possible, as long as possible. Excessive weight and excess of the fat are the problem and you are convinced that your body is against you. You are taught, you say reasonable, I don’t do anything, I have a bad diet, I need a change, etc. You’re bothered – the body is bothered, you’re both unhappy about how it goes. What is the point of this story.
If you changed your habits, the body would respond, but if you lost the trust, it would be shy in the beginning. If it comes down to choose between the vital function or excess fat, it will keep the fat, be sure. First things first. The choice of nutrients, hydration and timing, restore the trust. ” I easily process the data, a new round comes in a couple of hours, what I miss, I get, no need for backup, fat slows me down and overworks the heart, it all goes out “. That’s the answer you will get.

We have restored the trust and moving on. Physical training. ” This lunatic is hurting me, spending our backup and he is not planning to stop. I’m gonna strengthen the cardiovascular system, patch the micro injuries of muscles, increasing the capacity of lungs, adopting more nutrients, resting more, the fat is a burden, I’ll get rid of it a little bit more, and I will move more easily and stop overworking my heart muscle “, that is the answer you’ll get. So food and training. I wrote extensively in order to solve the most complex equation of how to lose weight. Without spinning you 20 times. Have a good day.

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