How it all began..

Thinking about how to enlarge their wealth, the food industry world leaders have come up with a brilliant idea. Protein – expensive raw material, with no taste, makes you feel full- make it look bad worldwide. Fat -semi-expensive raw material, makes you feel full, it’s also a home-made product – make it look bad worldwide via marketing.

Then comes the king. Sugar/glucose – cheap raw material, tasty, makes you feel hungry and addicted. Put it in everything, breakfast, snack, fun..Notice, the goal is making profit, turning millionaires into billionaires.

We get more diabetics, more people with heart problems, people with cancer, tired people in need for quick energy solutions. The world comes to its senses in the ’80s but the machinery doesn’t stop there, we put healthy stickers and move forward, the profit goes up.

That’s the difference between protein + fat breakfast and sugar + sugar breakfast.

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