Hardgainers or I cannot get fat and I eat everything

eat everything

Hardgainers or I cannot get fat and I eat everything

You have probably heard the advice “eat everything and eat as much as possible” for a thousand times, which probably didn’t bring you anything good because the scale didn’t change and there weren’t any muscles.

The advice is somewhat correct, it only requires a different schedule. What makes the difference between an athletic body other bodies? Building material or so-called protein. It’s the no1, the mother and then everything else. Where does a mistake occur? By pumping empty calories you aren’t doing anything, they will not create a sense of satiety.

We have to avoid it like this. First, the protein intake is what we have to respect at any cost, if it is 150, 200gr during the day it has to be taken in and everything over that should come in handy. So first in the meal, we eat protein and after come carbs or fat, because if we eat pizza first, we won’t be hungry for another 4 or 5 hours. Eat as much easy to digest food as you can and the greater the amount of it, the better.


You do not have to listen to Men’s health advice because they were made for middle-aged men what color their hair and try to be cool. You must eat and have no fear of sugar because your metabolism is in red. Eggs, meat, rice – dried fruit, macaroni and sweets, what comes on top of the previous. I saw people who needed 4,500 kcal for progress, and you can get that from white meat and potatoes in 4 days. Maybe. Avoid spicy, big, bakery, too oily, because it makes you feel full and bloated and there is no place for food. Training – mostly you need basic workouts and one more, additional work out, fewer repetitions, 2 times a week, short but sweet. So, go for it.

Note, the scale is not the measure, even if you have a passionate desire, maybe your wish comes true. Fat – water is a surplus so that little something you see in the mirror, without any curves, is not a good sign. Do not ruin the blessing that God has given you and do not screw up the metabolism that you will be grateful for after the 30th. Unless you want to go into the R.I.P. club and if you want to, then you needn’t worry about the muscles.

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