Over estimated and under estimated of glycogen depos


Over estimated and under estimated of glycogen depos

G depo around 700gr in liver and in the musles, it gives us volume, on the diet – empty-full. How much we need for compensation, in the same time avoiding that the rest of the carbo storage in the fat, the God knows, and we consider that every of us keeps God in ourselves, then we know it only for each of us separately. We again turn back to extreme and the groups mentioned above. Who is fill it to much and who to less 🙂

So the diet force you to screw your self and to be “empty”is the only smart option and you have to use on that slowly. The frog herd for “fullness” ( read: over eating with every kind of everything), so the froge decided to do it on the same way.. “fullness” you have to deserve it, and the prize you gained it with pain.

That means at the first stage of diet the body is to sensitive for this kind of exclusions and you will stand at the same place. Later, in some cases, it could happened and it is necessary, but wisely planned. The other group, believe it or not, also not so rare, are the people who empty their body so so much and they are so long term in that moodm that training and even life, present for then very hard pain.

They are so afraid that they will damaged the good shape that they make so slow metabolism and energy from builded muscles. ( yes, the body likes more muscle then fat ). We concluded that extreme is not good,only if goals are not extreme.I DON’T THINK on sea side vacation or New year’s eve, then on competition, profy phto section etc.You have to build proper time of fulling, but not to misuse. Make a difference between I miss it and ok maybe I miss it.
“Mind is everything” some wise man

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