Glucose dropping


Glucose dropping

,,My blood sugar is low” a sentence used one too many times as an excuse for eating sweets. Do you know anyone who fainted and not suffering from diabetes? Me, neither. Felt it a few times in life and it was my fault. First, if it comes to that it is to blame pancreas maltreatment or extreme diet changes or training (oh how we punish ourselves ).

So, by force and since we are not bullies and we do everything well, no need to fear. If it happens ( blood pressure drop has similar symptoms, have that checked ),

10gr of free sugar come to the rescue. It doesn’t feel good but you have to give your body some time. Snickers isn’t a solution because it’s a lot more than you need. Half a glass of juice, ½ of banana or 50gr of rice cakes + 50gr of complex carbs is enough. It may seem it’s not helping at the beginning, just give it 15 minutes and it’ll be fine.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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