Global fitness thinking


Global fitness thinking

Let’s move on with the smashing of global – fitness – thinking. Why is something natural labeled as healthy? What has come from the nature can’t be bad but no one thinks about whether the nature has given us those things so we could just eat them. A man drinks cow milk, banana is just fructose, wheat isn’t good for 80% of the population.

There isn’t a definition of healthy food no matter how good it is or it can help with an illness. There are many examples of healthy people with a terrible diet and vice versa, vegetarians with high cholesterol. Of course, there are people who survived a thunder stroke, let’s not be picky here but the healthy food term vs healthy diet term is a questionable one. It’s easier for someone to digest extra sugar while others ruin their body psychologically.

Other thing, being moderate. Very much important, because you eat what you need to eat, no less, no more than you are supposed to. But you misuse it, you deprive yourself from things and balance it being moderate. It doesn’t make any sense. Detox of the most perfect fit and I don’t know on what grounds. You’ve messed up your body and you are gonna fix it with what? Vitamins and minerals are going to get the organ in a normal state which will cause the cleansing.

I have a friend who had a led poisoning. Do you know what was his detox program? Transplantation of blood in the whole body. There’s a radiance resistance guy and there’s a guy who catches every cold. There’s a natural immunity which you can work systematically on but it’s also genetically related. Write your comments, we are virtual friends, after all, and, if you can write “You’re pretty” or “Add me”, you can also write something more complex.

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