Full stomach as a synonym of happiness

full stomach

Full stomach as a synonym of happiness

And you see my obsession with the oscillations in the diet, the regime and the jumps into the welfare of the carbs. Through the years and body reactions, all body types reactions, I was intrigued and sought answers, from animals to the function of pancreas in the body. Murals of a modern man on the wall are 20 – 40000 years old. It’s physically the same thing as we are. A picture of people and children. People are the same, children are a bit minimized.

The disorder occurs when the excess of weight becomes fashionable, yes, you’ve read well, the obesity as a status symbol. You’re full fed – you’re rich, well fed, obese – very rich. It still exists in underdeveloped cultures. Are we developed :)? Let’s start with what a full stomach meant for a man 20 or 30 years ago. The same as it means to a wolf in nature today. We are predators, eyes on the front of the head, fangs and we feel uncomfortable while eating and someone is standing over our head. The precondition for a full stomach was to find and catch something to fill it up and to load the rest and return it to the tribe in order to maintain technical support, survive the winter or a certain period of time. What does that mean to us as modern men?

Psychological safety disorder

Psychological safety disorder on full stomach. For thousands of years, we are calm if we are satiated, the one who made us definitely did not predict this stage of development because they would update our metabolism as well as consciousness. To make a parallel. Chasing for mammoth for days and our training under a nutrient restriction. A catch – our happy day, that’s why we call it a happy day, advertising. Big consumption, the body is in function to work but not on the edge but immunity at the top, and on the other hand it is not full so it won’t get lazy. Hmm, sounds like a well – conceived diet? So, we have copied and abused the habits of metabolism. Great. They went a step further and invented concentrated immune booster and the processed forms of essential amino acids without excess of calories so we don’t use our muscles while we’re training. Fraud? Ok, then why not go on foot, bare foot to work that doesn’t exist because you don’t like to cheat? Let’s go to the technical tribe support, the women, the old and the children.

We do not have a parallel here, because everyone in the tribe are the same. There is no obese wolf because there is no consumption and no addition of glycogen reserves aka no happy day. We screwed up and added a few pounds ( kilos ) and now we want to fit back in the mold. Society DICTATES the mold because the mold is the driving force of the world economy of a modern man. The mold is something imaginary, untouchable, impossible to accomplish, but the paradox because that same society offers a thousands of solutions for those problems. Imagine a rabbit standing 100m from a wolf and a wolf with a mind who wants to listen to you and you offer him a thousand solutions to catch a rabbit. I think the wolf would tell you to go f*** yourself after 3 seconds, but not us. We would still be paying for the training our whole lives. I’ve drifted away, a happy day for an inactive man doesn’t exist. No physical work, no consumption, no rewards because you do not need it.

Eating the amount enough for vital functions and movement so that any supplement isn’t important, but only puts you one step backwards. Therefore, pure food is mainly tasteless, so it couldn’t enable an impulse to the hormone of satisfaction. I have gorged myself with white meat and oats, a sentence you will probably never hear someone saying. Why have the people started eating the food with brain, I don’t know, but I’ll find out one day. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to share it with you 🙃. Have a nice weekend my predators.

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