Through history it connects us from the moment of our birth up to the death, whether we celebrate or grieve together with others or alone.

What has affected global nutritional disorders?


The feeling that is in the modern world is start to became fearful.

Since the beginning,  the humanity, has been totally destroying by social prejudices. “Hungry body” – “Awake body”, the cells are more agile, brain function is accelerated, stable level of sugar, increased excretion of endorphins and adrenaline, the body ready for hunting or today’s business success.

We are all children or grandchildren of the post-war generations for whom, unfortunately, the full table was luxury. The animal instinct is deserved to extension of the species and a cover fear that the offspring will suffer from huger, is still present. You probably heard sometimes that a fat child is characterized by “healthy looks person”.

I’m talking about this syndrome.

Eating habits have remained the same; the times have been changed, every day job has become more and more inactive.. How usually in life begins, when it’s a ball then it’s a masquerade, a sugar industry experiencing its boom.

Brainstorming how to increase their wealth,  the world leaders, have come up with a genius idea.

Protein: the expensive raw material, untasteful, creates a feeling of full-fed …spits on it using advertising.

Fat: relatively expensive raw material, creates a sense of full-fed, there’s plenty in craft work production spits on it using

Sugar-cheap raw material, delicious, creates a sense of hunger and envy-get in for the breakfasts, enjoy on the party.

The goal is a profit, millionaires become billionaires, and we start to become diabetics, cancer patients, we suffer from cardiovascular diseases, tired of looking for a short sight of energy.

Take care that everything happens within the 50-60 year period of time, which represent the  one generation; from the other side,  there are six million years of humanity, it means one “blink of the eye” in the eternity …and we made such a huge amount of shit and we are so shy

Reduced physical activity, disturbed biorhythm, stress, caloric surplus led to making new ones size numbers of cloths and increase mortality from cardiovascular diseases for 400%!

For the one “blink of the eye”.

We are here to help and be aware that we will continue to be loud, be sure in that.

We are not talking about diets because they are limited with a dates and what after?

You decreased weight and you’re going through the old one manner?!

There is no old, no new diet, but only and only the proper one.

Restore your habits that are in your genes, transfer the new ones to your nearest friends and relatives, and clean their blurred glasses, show them what means when you’re alive. It will not be easy but it will be nice.

Look at these statues of the Greek gods; are the Greeks of nowadays tall, blue and with wide shoulders? We screamed well, it’s up to us to fix it or otherwise “Ciao”!

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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