Connection between brains and muscle, contraction and progress

What has a professional got out of it and what has an amateur got out of it?

The first group wouldn’t have the prefix Pro if they didn’t know what I’m talking about.

The other group; soreness of a certain muscle part and not the assistants or antagonistic muscle part, faster and better progress.

The other group ,,Doing exercise isn’t everything in life” OK, I agree, you probably do everything partially, why would that one or three hours in the gym be any different?

Brains commands the arm to lift the dumbbell.

Brains commands the biceps the contraction which will cause the weight lifting. There you go.

So, a training with one hundred problems in your head is a useless training.

I get it, it’s impossible not to have problems today but, guess what, Elvis died and the world kept running, so it’ll keep running even if you’re 15 minutes late for a meeting.

Good sex = good training. They both have their climax and the training partner :). Would you be good in bed if you thought about your credit payment rate? You would do it, all right, just like you’d do that training but it wouldn’t be THAT training and THAT sex. One training is more worth than 10 regular. 🙂

Go now, either to the gym or to bed…

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