Fixing of the left behind parties

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Work out and fixing of the left behind parties

How many times have you got the answer “ Do it more often “ to a “ How to fix it “ question? So, why not do it daily and fix everything then? There is some truth in that but with a different approach. I don’t like goals and limitations, I prefer driving to destination but, since I’m outnumbered, we’ll set the date, a target at 9 weeks. Not necessarily 9 weeks but it cannot be less, only more and you should be able to divide it in 3 which means 3 micro cycles, in our case 3×3 weeks.

First three weeks:
Work out for wanted parties, 3 times a week. We make a worker from the party left behind, which means terror that will create an existential warrior, speed up the recovery and keep the matter going. It’s not a usual, long work out, it’s more of a short and sweet work out thing. After that first week, you’ll notice the sore muscles are gone, the body heals fast and adapts the wanted act.

Other three weeks:
Work out for left behind parties, 2 times a week. Everything is working like a clockwork, the muscle pumps up at every move, it’s even stronger no matter the intensity or the frequency of the work out. The body is a powerful machinery we don’t use as much as we should because we think it would affect our growth. We’ve cut down the frequency of workouts to 2 and slightly increased the volume by 2 series.

The last three weeks:
Work out for the party left behind, 1 time a week. Here comes our malice and misuse. We have created a killer infantryman only to absolve him of his duties and send back to the base into a forced recovery. The body habits stay put, the matters flow, amino – acids go in and lactate goes out fast. This is ( Sparta ) 🙂 the period of growth. Everything has been done for this third period. We increase the volume because we have a seven – days rest. That’s an example of periodization because you want your body to do something it doesn’t want to do. You can do your bench as usual and make a progress and you can also try…

Catabolism is a bit old news and it’s qualified by bad food and not BB work out, PL is another dimension.

Keep me posted, byeeee.

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