The things I can see personally and to feel it by myself, it is strange physiological blockade caused by the aim we want to reach. You start with diet, you don’t have any other interest more then the quantity of fat on your belly, everything is focused on that body part, you check obsessively, counting, re asking your self three times per day.

You are in hurry, make mistake, make the hell from your life

The same when you are at the stage of “building”; You are staring at the scale, you know that is not real more then additional 2 kilos per month, but you want to be bigger and bigger..

Fat, who screw it! I will get rid of it later.

Eat, over eating, it is important to have the tight skin. Intake of calories is more then o10000 of daily allowance. When you take it seriously this sport, you can only conclude that there is no weight or look that make you satisfy, you have to always go up or down, because maintenance is without goal or boring,

How to fix that problem? When you solve it, you will succeed to move the furniture by looking 🙂

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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