Euphoria and mania of checking of diet


Euphoria and mania of checking of diet

You spared you money during 10 years in aim to invest in private job.
If I suggest you to invest in your business which will refunds you all invested money for 5 years, you will say “perfect”.
What if I suggest to you instead that all you invest will be back for 2 years you will say: “ah, that is fairy tale”.
If on posed question “how much I will loose (kilos)”
And I answered, for the fifth of time you needed for fatten up!
Is that sound as good investment 🙂 ? Of course not!.

The last thing that you need , beside proper restriction diet’s plan and training , is euphoria and all the time pressure with questioning: Am I loosing weight?
The best results in loosing weight is at that person who doesn’t think, and not measure weight and re-assesses him/her self all the time; He/She takes all these as every day life.

Why I am announcing all the time that diets are never ending stories?
Take as example a balloon.
Puffed up it is large, but exhausted is hardly noticeable. The same situation is with lipid cells. “Yo yo effect” = empty-full cells.

Do you want to hear the biggest trainer’s lie? You can loose weight for…. this an that time.
But truly, how many of time we need?
6-24 months
So much time is needed to destroy lipid cells (no balloon)
Do you want to puff it up/ exhausted or you want to “bite” and correct your life?
The truth – your thing 🙂

You can change a hundred of the manner of nutrition, as well as the same of the way of training systems, but you can not escape from two facts:
Pain and hunger
If that is missing, change!

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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