The essence of the void


The essence of the void

A diet consisted of protein and fat. You have red enough about nutrient relations, what are ups and downs but no one is talks about an empty stomach. The diet itself cannot cause hunger because you do not irritate the insulin because of the lack of carbs. So, food cravings are psychological. Don’t think about the food and problem solved, ha. 🙂

Let’s put it this way:
You ate 200gr of meat and 50gr of fat, energetic income is the same like 150gr of rice but there’s something missing. Yes, there is, a stomach volume ( there is a reason why we eat that much bread, unfortunately ). You don’t feel full even though the numbers say the opposite. Meet its majesty, the cabbage! In every meal and every shape, have no fear you would disturb ketosis. Fibers make you feel full and help with digesting which is very much needed on this kind of diet. So, vegetables on the pictures isn’t just decorative but it has its purpose.

Diet paradox is to get us overweight when “ I have nothing to eat “. You are out of clean/healthy food and you try to fool your stomach by eating something that are not your standard groceries but in a small amount. Yeah. You keep the venom in small packages so does the small amount of something you’re craving for make a psychotic mess in your head. Like a chocolate bar or a sandwich. Everything is blurry and while you know it there are 3 or 4 bars and a bottle of juice. Then starts the hate and self – punishment. And all of this because you didn’t have anything to eat. Conclusion, always have something healthy to eat because, even if you eat more rice or almonds you will not make a mistake.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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