Doing cardio

burn fat

Doing cardio

You want to burn fat or some extra calories by doing something which is, because of the existence, genetically set to non-consumption?

By activating the muscles which have been doing that the entire life?
How about chewing more, maybe we lose weight? Enough joking..

Everyone can walk 10km ( a little more than 6 miles ) but if we lifted the ground by 15% then we would have to lift our leg by 25cm while making each step.

Those 25cm are responsible for turning a 10km long walk into a 0,5km walk and a tongue out. What happened?
Well, you command your quadriceps to lift your leg by 25cm, you use many more fibers, consumption is growing and you are getting tired.
Spell it out, Body!
You drive your car slowly – minimum consumption.
Drive your car uphill – the consumption grows.

You drive your car uphill and you turn on 4WD – even bigger consumption.
You drive your car uphill, turn on 4WD, with your trunk full – the biggest consumption.

,,But I am 30kg ( around 60 pounds ) overweight and walking makes me tired” now, you’re the car that pushes the gas pedal and holds the break.
Any clearer??
Monotony doesn’t burn fat, we are made to adjust whether we walk, dig a canal or paddle across the ocean.

Use as many muscles you need, in as many different ways if you want consumption, but if you want to get your mind straight, then walk.

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