Diet revolution and money evolution

diet revolution

Diet revolution and money evolution

I’ve recently traded 2kg ( 4 pounds ) of venison for five bulbs and you couldn’t imagine my joy because of the victory over the paper. Give me this to give you that. The world does not work like that, and valuable paper, in the form of infection, increases their number, more and more. I want to talk about revolutionary discoveries in our diet especially the part of our interests in fitness, health, being alive and stuff.

Looking back over the years, it doesn’t take a lot for some new thing to appear in that sector. I will not make a list, but I could name a hundred of units, some of them even offer an eternal life. The DNA structure was discovered halfway through the last century and everything was clarified, and if it wasn’t clarified then, it could be clarified now, we only have a little problem, and that is Mr. Benjamin.

No use

You know that game where there is no security vault that someone cannot open. The thief is always a step ahead of the guard. Unless the guard and the thief are on the same side, and we are the contents of the safe with the trust in the guard and distrust of the thief. Follow me.

In the past half a century, thousands of changes have been “ it’s good – it’s bad “ so why would anything be different in the next half a century? Earnings is always a step ahead of your beliefs! It’s such an intelligent, wicked, in fact it is a perfect deception, that I can freely say I’m delighted. You can’t see it because you don’t look and you can say I’m crazy, but history doesn’t lie.

You can see millions spent on something that will literally, miraculously pop out and make billions. Healthy breakfast cereals, a decade campaign against trans fat and cholesterol. How many kinds of bacon are there in supermarkets? And how many kinds of cornflakes, oatmeal, muesli, fitness cereals? Bacon, one price. Cereals, food for the cattle, one price. Food for people, that price times 200.

I’ve just made one example from the past. Where are the fruit juices, soy steaks, unnatural broccoli, unnatural salmon? Warmer, warmer. You want me to outpace the thief and look into the future? Stevia, omega, and that? I’ve outpaced him and looked into the past. But a distant past where paper is still just a tree ..

Have a nice weekend boss friends.

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