Diet plan

Diet plan

Once I tell people the diet plan I often see some kind of disappointment. Expectations like: 7 peas at 13:49 and 2 strawberries at 16:59 are torn down. Every diet plan is a plan and the essence of it is delivering that, whether it’s economy, war or a diet plan.

So, the concept with all three macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, fat) or two (proteins and/or fat or carbs as a source of energy) is a great start, just give it time. In two weeks time you should know whether you need mild changes or not. Stick to the plan, even if it’s not going how it should go, see how it turns out later.

A plan that has only one macro nutrient: all fruit day, dairy day, heroin day…not gonna say anything, but you know my opinion about it.

Diet plan


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