Deload. Even though it sounds great, it’s nothing more than periodization.

If you used to do team sports you had probably come across this term; after a certain hard training period, there’s a time to relax. Doesn’t ring a bell? Didn’t think so. That’s why we are a nation with the most sportsmen who suffer from heart atrium expansion or a nation of wasted talents because of ligaments breaking.

First things first, the sports we do is a heavy load to carry and we often hurt our muscles in order to grow constantly or to grow hypertrophy.

That’s why we feed differently, rest differently and look differently, or at least, we should..
If you don’t change your diet, there is no reason for losing your strength during training, even though you are not doing maximum weights you can see what I’m talking about.

Insomnia, wrist pain, non-stop tiredness, food cravings ( brain needs junk food as it’s the easiest way ), low potency, those are the signs you need a break.

It can be done in more ways but these 2 I’m about to suggest will suffice.
Keep training but go with 40 – 50% of your maximum, therefore light pump training’s and enjoy it.

7 days break

Usually, calories go a little bit wild during this period of time but you’re safe, further more, you can only make room for new progress. Do the professionals do the deload?
Some of them do, some don’t, because those who know their bodies well feel the signs in an early phase and they know when to push hard.
If you are hard-working, you’ll use deload, if you’re lasy you will simply misuse it.

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