Clean food vs. junk food: episode 10

“I’m on a healthy diet!”
“Wow, good for you, let me see the stomach?.”
“Weeell, I’m in that phase, you know.”

Is it junk food if I eat 10 g of ketchup a day?
Is my diet clean if I eat 1 kg of rice a day?

The answer is correct, partially. The panic is like… I’m giving up the responsibility. It’s strange how logic is put aside when we deal with ourselves. Maybe my writings are mere reflection of the inner struggles I have led, I’m leading and will lead but there are more fighters out there.

I’m not talking about food or training but life, in general. And, just so you know, I’m not familiar with any drugs but only ways to prevent illnesses.
A little bit of reason, no rush, no slowness, but just about right.

Decision on consumption of “pure” food, unfortunatly is not yours and not final.

We have here:
Acceptance of your body for certain foodstuffs,
our positive afirmation on these foodstuffs
and its amount as the most important factor.

What is suitable for you, you have to discover by your self and you don’t need intolerance test or tolerance test, I don’t know how to named it more?! For example potato “clearness” level in my case is the difference in comperation with poison is minor. Stomac acid, ructus, the heavy feeling in stomac couple hour after consumption, but when I eat rize, for examole, I m not aware I ate it.

This hydrat feed me because I feel that my body adsorbe it
The potato will be delisted, I know, I know, the best, thanks but no thanks.

Positive afirmation or I eat ice cream and cry. What I m trying to learn every single man with whom I work, if the right moment is to intake increased quantity of hydrates, no fear and guilty feelings.

In that moment, ice cream or planned atypicale meal, it will bring you only positive vibration to your body, especiallt your haed.
What get into happilly, it will be convert happilly!

You will ask me how then someone seat beside table and eat well, feel well and he is content and relaxed, enjoying every single bite, even if he has additional kilos?

Because the happiness is not common activity. Laugh 3 times per day, clear enough?

Because someone understand the existance litterary and accept it like that, it is not my guilty and it is not on me to jugde.

The quantity or calories, the half of kilo of almond and you much over approved intake but still “clear” and fat in you will be “clear”. Fair enough.

You get fat from ketchup, musterd, coffee milk, glass of wine? OK, so you have veins on your stomac and defined gluteus from logde but you want more? Trough out all mentioned before.

Remember, what you eat on you feet and what you drink, it counts… or you transsmit responsibility.

I don’t want to support junk:
I tried to get fat with fitting macros – more fat then meat.

I told if I remove it, I could handle it with another sourse of hydrates. Again mistake -psichologicaly terror to stand it.

Why I did it, if I promote something else?

Because of you, don’t have to repeat it.

And it is not food clear or dirty, the minds are.

See ya.

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  1. Great, I am so happy with results,

  2. Finally something useful, I am very satisfied. The meal plan has helped me a lot.

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