After ten years of working on body shape (results), as well as observation of single person and observation of thousends of clients who suround me, I concluded that the size of waist is the point of your nutritional habits (or the mistake that you make), the normal function of endocrine glandules, allover of health (phisical and spiritual) and generaly talking, wellbeing. I present you a diatery schedules, vitamin and mineral support, and training advises, which precisely respond to your body type and it would lead you to your perfect shape, and generaly good psicho-phisicaly relaxing feeling.

On you, is only to enter waist size (THE LARGEST PART OF THE WAIST) and the rest is my care.

Let’s burn unnessecary loading together and step in “The New Me”.

Complete meal plan, training guiding and consultations only $19.99.

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