A man in the white coat easily said, “avoid the whole egg” Bro, you’ve just made my life a living hell with this sentence … Why did he say that?

1. He spent half of his life studying and he has a salary of 500eu, he doesn’t want to deal with you anymore!
2. Guided by a study done on rats in the middle of the last century that didn’t contain eggs in their diet …

First, high cholesterol levels do not mean anything because there is good and bad cholesterol, so it may be the good cholesterol that is primary. ( This division is also questionable, is bad really that bad? ) Secondly, increased cholesterol intake will not increase the production of our own, even reduced intake will do so. Yes, and vegetarians have a problem with high cholesterol.

Heart disease is associated with arterial thickening due to elevated cholesterol, and in fact triglycerides are the problem and damage the blood vessels that cholesterol mends. In the absence of the previously mentioned, normal production of testosterone is reduced, and when that happens, the world collapses. 🙂

There is a lot of lecithin in egg yolk, that breaks down the cholesterol in our body. What nature messes up, nature and comes to the rescue. You’ll say, then why the nature doesn’t solve the problem that sugar makes? Feel free to eat plums, apricots, cherries, strawberries, sugar beets and see if you will have a problem with obesity.

I know that a man in the white coat seems trustworthy but simply eat 5, 6 or 10 eggs a day and take out the level of bad cholesterol. The same man advised you to drink hot tea when your throat is sore, vaccines against swine flu, drinking coca-cola when you are sick and use only throat lozenges.

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