Cheat days

cheat days

Cheat days

Turning point in pictures

Day 1 You’ve decided to relax, earned it, during holidays, just for a day or two and you’ll be back on track. Everything you have wanted for months now, is in front of you, you are eating, enjoying the flavors, serotonin is hitting, you’re in heaven and slightly intoxicated.

Day 2 You wake up, feel more fit, you even look slender, because carbs have drawn water into muscles, you are fit as a fiddle, so you continue with the relaxing.

Day 3 or day D. You wake up, everything is fine, the scale is showing the same weight, even less with some people. Nothing hurts, sore muscles are gone, it seems incredible, you are thinking you’re God given person and that you being overweight was just a dark period of time in your life. So, another day of relaxing or back to the standard procedure? That one minute has cost many people a lot.

No 1 situation You go back to training, usual and regular diet, you’re losing weight easier and making progress easier.

No 2 situation

Day 4 You wake up not that easily, you are a bit tired. The scale shows 2kg more. You get depressed and ask yourself what all this is worth for if the results slip so fast. Your brain is looking for a solution to this problem and it knows what cheers you up. Sugar. We’ll deal with it later, you are telling yourself, as long as you are happy. All goes to hell!

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