This word is politically “raped” and probably hateful to you, but I will talk to you about us, individuals, in the case where it is feasible, because we are both to ourselves, and people and authority.

The first definition of desire: I want to do it, and then do some changes, in aim to turn the desire into reality. I’ll give you banal examples: It is cold-I’m wearing a jacket. I have tooth’s pain, go to dentist to fix it. You wanted to be warmer, you wanted to stop the pain. The first victim, you take a jacket (bought, earned, begged); the other one, you suffered the treatment at the dentist chair. There’s got to be a little of something for the additional benefit. We want a new body, less fat, a better blood count, a better overall feeling.

What’s the matter with you?

It’s about accomplishing your wishes, if that’s it. The change is inevitable, only in which direction? Let’s go in line: Fast food (all out of the house, or in what you do not have insight); Juices (all then “zero”, those pulps and 150% of fruit and all kinds of its, including homemade); Sugars (sweets); Pastery (all “puffy”); Salty “card cakes” (snacks and peanuts – yes (pure abuse); Alcohol (hmm yes); “Drive in” (when you pass by the table and just you put it into your mouth); “Healthy food” (marketing). You see that I did not mention stress. Less of sleep, over calories. Leave it for later… It means the first table of the culprits who spoil us, the second – maybe all.

Now I get out, say the easiest wording and sound like female magazine.

Make the foundation not to come under the”sword”:

Fast food – Get out full-fed, if you are not – bring meat, if you are embarrassed, you go under the “sword”.

Juices – I do not see the purpose of this; like, drinking food to replace the food, from which you are hungry even more (bravo Bole!!).

Sugar – do not keep it at the home, the much more possibility is that you will not even eat them, you will be annoyed to go down to buy etc. “I have children” is often the answer I get, and it’s still not clear how we went to the Moon, and for the children is good what is killing us. Ok.)

Pastery – There is a little bit of the climate here. Our poverty is a century old, it is important that the stomach is full and an apparent sense of satiety, fragrances from childhood, happiness restored, etc. Avoid visits to “grandmother” cooking, or if there is on your home, then there is no other.

It’s one of the fucking thing

Salty junk food. Nervousness takes on a simultaneous action – chewing for emptying, and there is a fork. Totally unnecessary for the body, but totally (fat and sodium in max), the same solution as the sugar, you do not have it at the home. Healthy options – THERE IS NO ANY, neither peanut, neither seeds nor popcorn. The seeds are healthy but without 10g of salt over. Alcohol is a Gentleman, a legal antidepressant and an Ego maker. It’s not only in our culture, and English and French people are drunk as pigs, not just us. Whoever has felt all the benefit of the mentioned, does not have anything more then to be asocilized.

Yes, it is cruel, but only solution. And it does not get caught up with that. “I will go out and drink only water” because “the Gentleman” likes the most these ones.

“Drive in” (return to the salty junk and sweets), you will surely not eat a cucumber, by side!

“Healthy food”(sugars and salty) – legally under another name and be executed, if you are lazy, or stupid, or both. The second division – you will decrease a stress, if you respect the first table. Sleep – It will be valid, if you respect the first table.
Over calories – from pure food. Get know me with this guy, I haven’t met him yet!
I’m off

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